Oscars 2019: live blog and analysis of the 91st Academy Awards

Welcome to Oscars night! Follow along here as Peter Coutu and I give our thoughts and reactions to the winners, losers, speeches, and everything in between. (Refresh to update.)

11:47 pm

Jake: Final prediction scores. For the second year in a row I get first; Peter and Audrey tie for second.

Jake: 15/24

Peter: 13/24

Audrey: 13/24

11:19 pm

Peter: At least I can end the night happy, knowing Jake is mad about Green Book winning Best Picture.

11:16 pm

Jake: Big let down for Green Book winning Best Picture, but should this have been a surprise? During that montage, it felt SO much like a classic Oscars movie. This sucks, but honestly, whatever. No one will care about Green Book two years from now.

11:08 pm

Peter: I don’t know what I would have done if Alfonso didn’t win

Jake: Most predictable win of the night.

Jake: 15/23

Peter: 13/23

Audrey: 13/23

11:05 pm

Peter: Good speech, terrible choice

11:00 pm

Jake: Colman!!! The speech we deserve!!!

Jake: 14/22

Peter: 12/22

Audrey: 12/22

10:59 pm

Peter: I will FUCKING RIOT

10:45 pm

Jake: Who is picking all the wrong acting clips for these movies???

Jake: 14/21

Peter: 12/21

Audrey: 11/21

10:28 pm

Peter: Theda just heard “Shallow” for the first time and she is NOT a fan.

Jake: This is the first thing I don’t like about Theda!!!

Peter: It certainly is overrated!

Jake: Even more shocking that she never heard it before, I’ve listened to it LITERALLY a thousand times.

Jake: 13/20

Peter: 11/20

Audrey: 10/20

10:24 pm

Jake: Fun fact: Ludwig is Childish Gambino’s long-time producer!

Jake: 12/19

Peter: 10/19

Audrey: 9/19

10:16 pm

Peter: Spike Lee has STOLEN the show.

Jake: EASILY the best moment of the show. Do the right thing, 30 years late.

Jake: 12/18

Peter: 9/18

Audrey: 9/18

10:14 pm

Peter: Jake, can you ask Audrey why she hated Green Book so much?

Jake: …did you like it?

Peter: I didn’t see it!

10:09 pm

Jake: Welp, we all get Live Action Short wrong. Don’t bet chalk!

Jake: 10/16

Peter: 8/16

Audrey: 9/16

10:04 pm


9:58 pm

Jake: Infinity War is upset for Visual Effects, and a superhero movie still hasn’t won the award in more than a decade. At least First Man gets something!!!

Jake: 10/15

Peter: 8/15

Audrey: 9/15

9:57 pm

Peter: If anything bad about Paul Rudd came out I would be devastated.

9:55 pm

Jake: Point of contention between Peter and I: does the stage look like Ursula’s lair or Trump’s hair?

9:52 pm

Peter: I watched all the animated shorts at a local theatre, and as the credits rolled for each, a video showed the creators reacting to the Academy Award nomination and it was just the cutest thing.

9:48 pm

Jake: I take the sole lead for the first time tonight.

Jake: 10/14

Peter: 8/14

Audrey: 9/14

9:45 pm


Jake: 9/13

Peter: 8/13

Audrey: 9/13

9:42 pm

Jake: Wayne’s World, please host the Oscars 2020.

9:32 pm

Jake: Spider-Verse should have been nominated for Best Picture, but this is good enough. Also, some really rude speech cut-offs tonight!

Jake: 8/12

Peter: 7/12

Audrey: 8/12

9:30 pm

Peter: Another Hampton Roads native — Pharrell! What a night for coastal Virginia.

9:29 pm

Jake: 7/11

Peter: 6/11

Audrey: 7/11

9:24 pm

Peter: Lock of the century. You don’t show up to the Academy Awards dressed like that and then lose.

9:23 pm

Jake: Mahershala Ali looking like…Bob Balaban in a Wes Anderson movie?


9:19 pm

Jake: Editing is a big win for Bohemian Rhapsody. Getting worried here.

Jake: 6/10

Peter: 5/10

Audrey: 6/10

9:10 pm

Peter: Instead of songs, the Academy Awards should do five-minute improv sessions for entertainment

9:09 pm


Jake: 6/9

Peter: 4/9

Audrey: 6/9

9:07 pm

Jake: Perfectly executed tongue roll from Javier Bardem.

9:02 pm

Peter: Jake, not a good sign for what?

Jake: It has a real chance to win Best Picture, I think.

8:58 pm


Jake: 5/8

Peter: 3/8

Audrey: 5/8

8:57 pm

Jake: Bohemian Rhapsody wins for Sound Editing. Not a good sign.

8:51 pm


8:50 pm

Peter: Popcorn break for me.

8:44 pm

Jake: With two technical category wins, watch out for Black Panther’s Best Picture chances. Hopefully.

Update on our panel’s Oscars predictions:

Jake: 4/6

Peter: 3/6

Audrey: 4/6

8:41 pm

Peter: Also, as a fun fact for all of our readers in the Hampton Roads area, Ruth E. Carter (winner for costume design) is a Hampton University grad!

8:40 pm

Peter: That must have been the best-looking presenting pair of the night.

8:35 pm

Peter: Theda corrects her previous statement: I meant the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.

8:34 pm

Peter: Theda with some smart analysis: Why are they playing the pirate music?

8:32 pm

Jake: Black Panther wins Costume Design in a minor upset! Well deserved.

8:31 pm

Peter: Thankfully The Favourite didn’t win.

8:27 pm

Peter: This is painfully awkward. They should have started the music right when they stepped on the stage. Get them off!

8:26 pm

Jake: Stephan James for Batman.

8:23 pm

Jake: MASSIVE thumbs down to Google infiltrating Jerry Maguire and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

8:19 pm

Peter: Off to a real snooze of a start. Jake, I have a prop bet for you. How many Oscars will be won by movies with a color in a title (Black Panther, BlacKkKlansmen, Green Book, Black Sheep)?

Jake: Three.

8:17 pm

Peter: Was he just being bleeped out when he first got on the stage or is my TV really broken?

8:15 pm

Peter: Either my screen is broken or Jason’s jacket is NOT pink.

8:14 pm

Jake: Nice speech from Regina King. Emma Stone looks like a honeycomb.

8:09 pm

Jake: Most exciting part of the Oscars: the mad scramble to find a live stream. We’re here!

Peter: Go Regina King! Go me!

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