Rom-com bracket: Elite 8 results

Image by Zoë Ryan

Image by Zoë Ryan

Welcome to the great rom-com bracket of 2019! In honor of the 30th anniversary of When Harry Met Sally, Zoë Ryan and I are setting out to determine the best romantic comedy of the past 30 years. Before you dive into the Elite 8 results, catch up on the rest of the bracket:

You can track the results and view the full bracket by clicking here: full rom-com bracket.

Let’s get to it.

The Annie Hall Region

(8) Pretty Woman vs. (6) Forgetting Sarah Marshall


JS: Pretty Woman

ZR: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Your votes: Pretty Woman (60%) over Forgetting Sarah Marshall (40%)

Winner: Pretty Woman

The Sugar Kowalczyk region

(16) 13 Going On 30 vs. (3) Love Actually


JS: 13 Going on 30

ZR: Love Actually

Your votes: 13 Going on 30 (53%) over Love Actually (47%)

Winner: 13 Going on 30

The Princess Ann Region

(13) You’ve Got Mail vs. (2) (500) Days of Summer


JS: (500) Days of Summer

ZR: (500) Days of Summer

Your votes: You’ve Got Mail (53%) over (500) Days of Summer (47%)

Winner: You’ve Got Mail

The Princess Bride Region

(1) Groundhog Day vs. (7) Notting Hill


JS: Notting Hill

ZR: Notting Hill

Your votes: Notting Hill (65%) over Groundhog Day (35%)

Winner: Notting Hill

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